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Friday, December 9th 2022, 1:00 PM

Learn more about the man behind the UKs Leading SMP brand

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Leading SMP Clinic in UK - HD Hairlines is always striving to improve. Improve the team standards, the quality of the ink and equipment we use, and the skills and processes in place. This ensures that every customer has a better experience and walks out with a new lease on life and confidence to match their HD hairline.

The Owner and Leading SMP Artist Craig Molyneux is responsible for our professional standards and high-quality training. Here's how he ended up in the SMP industry after years of working as a barber.

Craig Molyneux SMP Artist & Owner HD Hairlines

Craig Molyneux’s SMP Story

Craig Molyneux, our head technician, has had an eventful and exciting journey as an SMP expert over the last few years. From confusion and intrigue when he first saw a video of a hair tattoo in 2017, to SMP training and transitioning away from barber work to become the expert scalp micro pigmentation artist he is today. Let's take a look at the timeline to see how Craig Molyneux fared in the SMP world, and now with the bright, bold HD Hairlines.

Craig Molyneux first became aware of SMP and its potential as a future career by chance. He had been working as a barber for some time and was confident in his ability to cut hair. Things had become a little stale, and he was beginning to wonder what steps to take next - whether to try to open his own barbershop in the future or to stay where he was and where he had found great support from the team. He was sitting at lunchtime in 2017, scrolling through Instagram and eating his butties (as you do), when he came across a post about SMP that changed everything.

Fooling a team of barbers that work with hair every single day was like switching a light bulb on in Craig’s head. If they couldn’t tell that the tattoo wasn’t genuine hair, then there must be a market out there for an alternative to hair transplants.

The idea was born, and Craig knew it was time to make a change.

It took 6 months from that first glance at SMP on Instagram to Craig getting into the business himself. He knew he had to do some research and find the best way in. There was no point in quitting the barber shop and going in cold. When he found the SMP training he knew would get him started he traveled down to Birmingham for a week of SMP training with an established UK SMP company with a good reputation.

After this week, he took his newly learned skills and begin developing his own processes, techniques, and standards. Craig wants to be the best, so he’s looked at the best SMP artists out there, learning the finest bits from everywhere to create his own gold standard of SMP.

During 2018 he continued to use the barber shop where he had worked for a few years, working as an SMP artist on the days the shop was closed. He did this for around a year, growing a small loyal base of customers and spreading his name through word of mouth and a lot of hard work.

Craig Molyneux and SMP had a breakthrough year in 2019. He had honed his skills as an SMP artist in the barbershop, but he needed his own studio - a dedicated, clean space dedicated solely to hair tattoos. On Rodney Street in Liverpool's beautiful Georgian Quarter, he finally found his dream home. There is no better place to call home, than a suitable environment in which customers can revitalize their lives with accurate, professional hair tattoos that change their lives.

HD Hairlines SMP Work

The Values of HD Hairlines

  • Grafter – Craig Molyneux is a hard worker. He always has been. Every client will see this in the work. He’s put in long hours of work to practice his skills, learn the methods of SMP, and hone those skills to where he wants to be. As a customer looking for the best hair tattoo, you’re in good hands.
  • Standards – the standards are set very high at HD Hairlines. Craig demands the best from himself and from his team. Without these high standards, it wouldn’t be worth going to work in the studio every day.
  • Consistency – a lot of what SMP is about is consistency. Consistency of performance and standards, of hard work, sure, but also consistency in the technical approach. It takes focus and dedication to become great at SMP, and the HD Hairlines team has that consistent approach to fall back on.
  • Trust and ease of communication – one of the best things that came out of Craig’s time as a barber was the years of chatting with customers, learning how to naturally build trust with customers, and being easy in conversation. Any person coming to us for a head tattoo will have doubts and worries. This is natural. Craig and the team will put you at ease immediately.
  • On-going support – you’ll be asked to come back to ‘top up’ your SMP over the course of a few sessions. Understanding the long-term process, what is required of you, and any extra help we can give you will all be explained in full by Craig. We’re on the other end of the phone or email if you ever have any questions after your SMP has been completed.

Craig is there to greet every first-time client. It's intimidating to come and sit with us and ask for help with something as important as your hair, which affects your entire appearance. Craig has been there and seen it all, so we understand. He'll walk you through the entire process, making you as comfortable as possible and ensuring that you're fully committed before we begin.

Craig Molyneux the future of HD Hairlines and SMP

Craig Molyneux could be said to have stumbled into his career as an SMP specialist. It wasn't something he was aware of until he came across it on Instagram during a lunch break while mindlessly scrolling to pass the time, as we all do from time to time. He is a grafter and wanted to put in the hard work to learn the basics quickly, set up his own studio, and establish himself as one of the best in the business in the Liverpool area once he saw it. Now that he's accomplished that, Craig is passing on his knowledge to others that want to train up in SMP – showing them the ropes, exposing the myths of the industry, and making sure people have access in a much easier, helpful way than he did when he first started out in SMP training.

Craig's future looks promising right now. The next step after becoming the go-to SMP Clinic in Liverpool is to expand. HD Hairlines has already opened a franchise in Cheshire and plans to expand further in the near future throughout the UK. As a brand, HD Hairlines is all about inclusivity, an open book of SMP knowledge and expertise, assisting future SMP artists to improve their skill and art of hair tattooing, and assisting anyone looking for a hair tattoo to cover hair loss of any kind, boost self-confidence, and be better versions of themselves.

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